Disco night look!

Posted by Freeda Studio | 8 June 2017 | blog_simple
Girl at disco

Be fair: your wardrobe is so full of clothes you can’t even close it but… so many doubts when you look yourself in the mirror and you can’t find a right outfit for your disco night!

Women are always in doubt when it comes to choose a dress to wear on the dance floor: you want to show off and be admired but at the same time you don’t want to exaggerate. So what?

Just follow some simple rules: if you wear a mini skirt, choose a proper top: not too much high-waisted or low-necked. And avoid high heels too: they match better with long dresses or oversize trousers.

Choose the elegant vs. casual look and wear a sophisticated top with shorts or jeans, a neat & simple t-shirt with a tulle or sequins skirt, and you’ll immediately transform yourself in a super-chic girl!

To complete your outfit don’t forget the right accessories but remember: less is more!

Top colour is and will always be black but for your disco night out you can try brighter colours too but be careful to match them properly.

And for a very special night… choose the Freeda bodysuits. Here some examples to be a true star on the dance floor!






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