Bodysuits are all you need to refresh your look!

Posted by Freeda Studio | 22 June 2017 | blog_simple
ragazza con body

In summer 2017 the bodysuit is at its peak of success, the garment that endorses the style revolution and you can’t miss it!

The bodysuit’s evolution dates back to the Twenties, when this fashion item was invented as underwear modeling corset for women.

Many years have passed since then and nowadays rules are totally different: the bodysuit is a garment for seduction, to show with fierce, and represents the feminine strenght and power.

Not just for a disco night or for transgressive occasions, the bodysuit is a must in the wardrobe of fashion victims who desire for a bold and self-confident look.

Perfect for any occasion, the bodysuits is always the right match to wear with jeans, a tulle gown for a romantic dinner and even with skinny trousers if you want to look glam and stylish.

When a woman wears a bodysuit, the message is clear: I am feminine, strong, self-confident, magnetic and sensual.

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