Inspired by arts and sensual as dreams

Posted by Freeda Studio | 2 August 2017 | Uncategorized

Arts meet dreams and the sensual soul of Freeda gets into a new dimension with the Fall-Winter 17/18 collection: dreamy, delicate and profound, the ladies how wear Freeda bodies will rely on extra-elegance for their style.

The inspiration comes from arts, with the names of the main painters of the modern age to baptize the bodies and guide them to success. Thus, the embellishments and metal fringes of the piece named Kandinsky recall the geometry that animates the masterpieces of the painter. The romantic work of Chagall inspires the body of the same name, with its blue tones and delicate silver decorations. Dalì narrates the warmth of Spanish passion with its shimmering burgundy fabric. The loveliness of the famous ballerinas resounds in the classic lines of the Degas body.

Many other models are dedicated to all the Freeda Lovers, to give them wintertime rich in style and sensuality.

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